The Best Houseplants for Your Apartment

plants in an apartment

Plants are one of the best ways to brighten up any apartment, and they will also help to purify your air. Choosing plants to thrive in your apartment might seem challenging at first, but these houseplants will thrive in your apartment.

Rex Begonia

rex begonia

The dreamy colors of the rex begonia make this plant a great way to add a splash of color to your apartment. With complex and vibrant purples mingling with pops of pink on a background of smoky green, these plants will catch your eye and make for a great accent piece. The rex begonias prefer everything in moderation, meaning the maintenance is low, making them perfect plants for your apartment.



An orchid is the pop of color that your apartment needs. Bring this exotic plant into your home for its beautiful flowers and bright colors. Orchids do not live in regular soil; they prefer a unique orchid mix that allows air to reach the plant’s roots. Temperatures above 60 degrees are perfect for this plant but cooler temps at night help to encourage blooming. Orchids love humidity, and lots of light, so make sure to place them in lots of diffused light. While they are one of the more challenging plants to keep alive, orchids are an excellent choice for bringing a slash of exotic color into your apartment.



The philodendron is arguable the best plant for apartments in terms of hardiness and longevity. The heart-shaped green leaves of this plant will bring life into your space without having to worry about a lot of maintenance. Weekly watering and indirect light are all this plant needs to thrive.

Spider Plant

Chlorophytum in flowerpot on table. Variegatum, comosum. Spider Plant

Once a popular houseplant in the 1970s, the spider plant is making a comeback for a good reason. This eccentric plant requires little water and will tolerate a wide range of different lighting conditions, including artificial light. This is a great plant to fill out a corner space in your apartment or look great hanging.

Jade Plant

Cactus bladeren type, Jade plant, crassula.houseplant Crassula ovata jade plant money tree.

A favorite among succulents, this plant requires little maintenance other than bright light and watering only when the soil is completely dry. The leaves are a deep green and may even have a red tint when your plant is healthy. You can also train the jade plant like a bonsai if you want. If the leaves are turning gray, your jade plant needs more sunlight; if the leaves are withered or wilting, your plant needs more water.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle leaf fig, Ficus lyrata, plant in circle white pot and place at the Corner of stair or ladder for decorate home or room. And there is sunlight coming from the right hand window.

It might seem tempting to fill a smaller space with smaller things, but that isn’t always the case, as we can see with a big plant like the Fiddle Leaf Fig. The large leaves will make a bold statement in any room. The only downside to this plant is that it requires regular care to stay healthy.

Air Plant

Tillandsia (Air Plant) inside a glass bubble

The air plant might just be the easiest plant to care for in your whole apartment. Because it doesn’t require any soil, you can get creative with where you keep your air plant. Glass orbs or driftwood are popular places to keep air plants. Air plants need filtered light and a weekly spray of water.

English Ivy

Home and garden concept of english ivy plant in pot on the balcony

English ivy is one of the toughest plants out there, making it an excellent option for renters who don’t have a green thumb. With a range of sizes and colors to choose from, English Ivy is perfect for those looking for an easy and reliable plant for their apartment.

Bird’s Nest Fern

The mature bird nest fern (Asplenium nidus) in the square cement pot is located in the garden.

Ferns are beautiful plants but are not always the best suited for apartment living as they require very high humidity to thrive. The bird’s nest fern is an exception to his, making it a perfect plant for your apartment as it does well in low light conditions with average humidity. Remember that this plant will need airflow to its roots, so use a chunky potting mix like you would for orchids.

ZZ Plant

Indoor Plant. Zanzibar Gem, ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas Zamifolia). flowering plant in front of white wall.

Short for Zamioculcas zamifolia, the ZZ plant is a perfect plant for your apartment. While they can survive in various moisture conditions, these plants prefer it drier and will do just fine under fluorescent lights.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus Flower in a Pot

This plant gets its name from its winter-blooming time; unlike other cacti, this one does not appreciate full sunlight or dry conditions. Instead, this rain forest native will do best with filtered light and high humidity making a steamy bathroom or next to the kitchen sink a perfect place for the Christmas cactus.

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