Schools Near South Texas Medical Center

Health Careers High School

4646 Hamilton Wolfe Rd, San Antonio, TX 78229

Opened in 1984, Health Careers High School’s primary goal is to prepare future medical workers by learning about health professions through a meticulous and extensive academic structure that requires medical knowledge and skills in real-life scenarios. Health Careers High School is excellent for students interested in entering the health or medical fields after graduation. Aside from prerequisite classes, students are enrolled in courses on Principles of Health Science. Having students study Health Diagnostics, Healthcare Therapeutic, and Engineering classes helps hone in on each individual’s abilities. Whether one is thinking about conducting medical research in a lab or getting into pharmacology, Health Careers High School is an exceptional place of study for students aspiring to be the future medical professionals of our country.

BASIS San Antonio Primary – Medical Center Campus

8519 Floyd Curl Dr, San Antonio, TX 78240
Mon-Fri 8am-2pm

BASIS San Antonio Primary – Medical Center partners with BASIS San Antonio Primary North Central, which feeds students into BASIS San Antonio Shavano for grades six through twelve. Awarded number one for the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, BASIS San Antonio Primary Medical Center has surpassed the standard put in place by other public and charter schools thanks to the accelerated learning program that utilizes real-life applications. Pupils are well-rounded and develop a global view by participating in culturally rich events and activities.

The Winston School San Antonio

8565 Ewing Halsell Dr, San Antonio, TX 78229
Mon-Fri 8am-4pm

In 1994, the San Antonio Medical Foundation gave a land grant that began building a sixteen-acre campus in the South Texas Medical Center. Since its opening in 1998, the school has been recognized by the country for the research, the model it has set on students’ education with learning differences, and their programs for the community. In spring 1989, the school became an official, independent 501(c)(3). The Winston School San Antonio is exclusive because it is the one school in South Texas that serves students diagnosed with learning differences. Staff and faculty live by an honor code that puts respect and service to others at the center of their curriculum.

The Montessori School of San Antonio

17722 Rogers Ranch Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78258

Gay Judson and Jim Judson founded Judson School – a Montessori Workshop in 1974. In 2008, the Judson Montessori School Board approved a name change to The Montessori School of San Antonio. The school was able to add a new gym and Middle School in 2016. The curriculum is organized to start simple and slowly build to the complex, with each lesson stepping a bit further than the last. Montessori allows young students to explore with their senses, while older students receive uninterrupted periods of time to work on their class projects. By enabling students to develop at their own pace, pupils learn self-discipline and direction through the learning process. The Montessori School of San Antonio values individuals for their skill set. See their website to learn more about how your child may do better in a student-centered learning environment.

Antonian College Preparatory High School

6465 West Ave, San Antonio, TX 78213

Antonian College Preparatory High School works with students’ parents to “raise young men and women of character, competence, and conscience.” Staff and faculty encourage students always to seek God and knowledge to better their community through service to others. Antonian teachers hope to inspire students to look forward to changes that bring peace and justice to the world. By teaching students The Antonian Standard, a list of ten virtues, the idea is that students never lose sight of who they are and what they are working for. Most importantly, they never lose faith in God and themselves.

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